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Special note: We begin our regular schedule Sunday September 10, with worship at 11:00 am. Sunday School also resumes at 10:00 am on September 10.

Attachments: Some attachments, as well as older or longer announcements, are found below the current week’s announcements. On Sept. 29, we added an important document from MC Canada, “… acknowledging mistakes of commission and omission over the course of our Being a Faithful Church process”. We had added Mennonite Centre Heritage Club posters on Sept. 15 and 29;  a Prayer Letter from Bok Ki Kim and Sook Kyung Park on Sept. 6; the Stronger Together information form on July 14; Marilyn’s farewell and thank-you letter on June 30; and the MDS Ont. Newsletter on May 9. We cull outdated attachments from time to time.

Current Attachments

MC Canada’s important document was added as a PDF on Sept. 29.

Mennonite Centre Heritage Club meets on Oct. 2; added as a PDF on Sept. 29.

Mennonite Centre Heritage Club meets on Sept. 20; added as a PDF on Sept. 15.

Prayer Letter from Bok Ki Kim and Sook Kyung Park, added on Sept. 6 as a PDF.

Geez Job posting of August 20, 2017. Here is the PDF.

Stronger Together information form of July 14, 2017. Here is the PDF.

Marilyn’s farewell and thank-you letter of June 30, 2017. Here is the PDF.

MDS Ont. (Mennonite Disaster Services) has a newsletter for Spring 2017. Here is the PDF.

These attachments are listed in the reverse order they were added, and are dropped as they become out of date.


For Reference

Directions to Willowgrove as a PDF. We attend a worship service there once each summer, along with other Mennonite churches in the GTA. The next service will be Sunday August 13, 2017, at 10:30 am.


Future Directions

Here the summary letter about the recent MCEC decision regarding the Future Directions Task Force’s Unity Amidst Differences report, from MCEC Executive Minister David Martin.

Here is a link to the ongoing Future Directions Task Force‘s web site.


Here is a video from an earlier year’s Vacation Bible Camp held at the Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church.