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Unless otherwise noted, Sunday Worship begins at 11:00am. We welcome everyone to participate in Christian Education at 10:00; there is a discussion group for adults, too! There is supervised childcare during part of the worship service.

Attachments: Some attachments, as well as older or longer announcements, are found below the current week’s announcements.

Current Attachments

In 2019:

We received a Prayer Letter from Bok Ki Kim and Sook Kyung Park on Sept. 11, as a PDF. They serve MC Canada as mission partners in S. Korea.

Older, in 2019…

Wed. Mar. 20 at 7:30 pm. Mennonite Centre Heritage Club presents Harold Thiessen, on The Thiessens of Klippenfeld, Molotschna: 1865-1951. Harold traces his family’s path from Molotschna to Canada, as well as his research processes. At SCOC (2701 St. Clair Avenue East). The poster is online.

AGM agenda, Sat., Feb. 9, 2:00 to 5:00 pm: 1. Receive reports; 2. Approve slate of persons discerned; 3. Approve 2019 spending plan; 4. breakout sessions on the future of pastoral leadership at TUMC. To prepare for no. 4, please complete the linked document (PDF) linked document and bring it with you to the AGM. Hard copies are available on the literature truck. (From Richard R., Board Chair) .

Silver Lake Mennonite Camp’s 2019 Events, from Fathers & Kids Weekend (Jan. 18-20) through Fall Work Weekend (Oct. 25-27), are listed in this PDF.

Thank you” from MCC’s Material Resources team, for contributions like school kits and hygiene kits. Here is their PDF.

In 2018:

Prayer Letter from Bok Ki Kim and Sook Kyung Park, added on Nov. 21 as a PDF.

Background material for the TUMC Informed Conversations survey is a PDF.

Dual Book Launch for Gary & Lydia H. on Sun. Nov. 4 at 3:00 pm, here at TUMC. The poster is a PDF.

In 2017:

A form for Funeral Planning  was added on Dec. 1.

A list for MCC School Kits was added on Dec. 1.

A document about the Supportive Congregations Network (for the upcoming Congregational Meeting), was added on Nov. 10.

MC Canada’s follow-up to the Special Assembly was added as a PDF on Oct. 20.

MC Canada’s important document was added as a PDF on Sept. 29.

Marilyn’s farewell and thank-you letter of June 30, 2017. Here is the PDF.

These attachments are listed in the reverse order they were added, and are dropped as they become out of date.

For Reference

Directions to Willowgrove as a PDF. We attend a worship service there once each summer, along with other Mennonite churches in the GTA. The next service will be Sunday August 13, 2017, at 10:30 am.

Future Directions

Here the summary letter about the recent MCEC decision regarding the Future Directions Task Force’s Unity Amidst Differences report, from MCEC Executive Minister David Martin.

Here is a link to the ongoing Future Directions Task Force‘s web site.

Vacation Bible Camp at TCMC

Here is a video from an earlier year’s Vacation Bible Camp held at the Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church.

Testing a Google Calendar

Another TUMC calendar:

end of calendar