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Due to Covid-19, we are not meeting in person. Contact Mike, the TUMC Admin., to register for announcements by e-mail, where we share the links for online meetings. Just put ‘sign me up for TUMC Connects‘ in the subject line. Could you let us know a little about how you found us – are you already connected with TUMC, are you friends with someone who is, or are you looking for a Church community? (A bit of information helps keep our online gatherings safe and welcoming.)

Attachments: Some attachments, as well as older or longer announcements, are found below the current week’s announcements.

Current Attachments

In 2020:

Ontario Mennonite Music Camp posted 9 brief worship videos on YouTube:

Postponed: Pax Christi Chorale performs Considering Matthew Shepard on Sun. Nov. 8. More information and tickets are online.

We may keep some older attachments for further reference:

Background material for the TUMC Informed Conversations survey is a PDF.

A form for Funeral Planning.

Attachments are listed in the reverse order they were added, and are dropped as they become out of date.

For Reference

Directions to Willowgrove as a PDF. We attend a worship service there once each summer, along with other Mennonite churches in the GTA. The next service will be Sunday August 13, 2017, at 10:30 am.

Future Directions

Here the summary letter about the recent MCEC decision regarding the Future Directions Task Force’s Unity Amidst Differences report, from MCEC Executive Minister David Martin.

Here is a link to the ongoing Future Directions Task Force‘s web site.

Vacation Bible Camp at TCMC

Here is a video from an earlier year’s Vacation Bible Camp held at the Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church.

Testing a Google Calendar

Another TUMC calendar:

end of calendar