Usher Guidelines (March 2022)


Usher Guidelines (updated March 2022)

TUMC is committed to a safe and comfortable experience for everyone, whether worshipping in the cloud or on the ground. To ensure this, we are following Toronto Public Health guidelines. Please refer to the Guidelines for In-Person Gathering for additional details. The ushers ensure everyone who enters the building complies with our Safety Plan; make sure no one enters the building for nefarious purposes; and lock up before leaving.

Two Ushers serve in-person each Sunday morning, each with a primary focus:

Usher #1)  Check-in and seats

Usher #2)  Building safety and lobby security

When there is Sunday School, arrive by 9:45 am

  1. Unlock the front (east) door. Leave the north door locked (people should enter through the front door unless they need the ramp for accessibility).
  2. Open two windows in the main (north) stairwell.
  3. Open the lobby window near the kitchenette. Turn the fan on low and place in the window so it blows air inside (knob will be on the side facing outdoors). Use the board to fill the space in the window opening above the fan. Open a window on the east side of the lobby so air flows out.
  4. Plug in the filter fans hanging in the men’s and women’s basement washrooms and prop the doors open.
  5. Open the window in the fire escape at the south side of the building. Insert the fan to blow air in. It should be pushed firmly against the window frame on all sides. Always fold the ladder and store it on the ledge after each use to keep the fire escape clear. The exterior door that is nearby should remain locked.  
  6. Open the basement door to the south fire escape with the box fan fitted to hold it open. Set the fan to blow air into the basement. Make sure the door at the front of the sanctuary is closed (so fresh air from the fire escape window goes down to the basement.
  7. Open the basement window closest to the south end. Insert box fan (with attachments fitted into the black rubber trim) to blow air in. Open kitchen doors and turn on exhaust fans over ovens to blow air out.
  8. In 2nd floor nursery, east side, turn the double fan on low and place in the window so it blows air out (knob will be on the side facing indoors). Use the board to fill the space in the window opening above the fan. Turn on the filter fan in the carpeted room.
  9. In room 200, open two windows slightly. Choose windows as far apart as possible.
  10. On the 3rd floor, open one small window at the front (south) of the sanctuary.  Turn on the kitchen fan and open the serving window between kitchen and sanctuary. Also turn on the bathroom fan and leave the door open.
  11. Monitor arrivals:  ensure they have checked in (see Step 13).
SK-Gr 5:   2nd floor
Gr 6-8: 3rd floor
Gr 9–12:   basement

Preparing for Worship, at 10:45 am

If no Sunday School, complete Steps 1 to 5.

12. In the sanctuary, open the doors, and open two windows on the east side, and one at the rear on the west side. Push the latches back down. Turn fans on high and push fans past the latches so they are blowing air out of the room (knob will be on the side facing outdoors). You have to push to get them flush against the wall on all sides. Use the swiveling wood piece at the top to keep the fans in place.

13. Monitor arrivals:  One contact per household needs to complete the check-in form either from home with the link in the announcements, or with the QR code posted at the doors, or with a paper form. Confirm each household has checked in by looking at the tablet (PIN 1774; tap the home screen icon called “TUMC Check-in 2022”). We will use this list for contact tracing, if needed.

14. EVERYONE entering the TUMC building must wear a mask. Extras are on the usher table. Gently remind anyone who is not wearing a mask properly (e.g., under the nose) to make sure their nose and mouth are covered.

15. EVERYONE entering the building must check in. Ask arrivals if they checked in online prior to arriving; if not, they can use the QR code with their phone or fill out a paper form. This will generate a list for contact tracing.

16. The Safety Plan is posted in various places around the lobby, doors, and sanctuary. You can refer participants to this simplified plan if they have questions about following the rules.

17.   Name tags are encouraged, and may be taken home each week.

18. We have set the room with 70 chairs. DO NOT ADD MORE CHAIRS. If there are no more seats, ask them to sit in the lobby (distanced).

Just before the Worship Service:

19. Open the fire escape door at the front of the sanctuary and close the door at the bottom of the stairs, so the fresh air goes into the sanctuary. (The exterior door by the main stairwell stays closed at all times).

20. Turn off the fan in the youth room. (it runs at all times except during worship services due to noise)

21. (If there was Sunday School) Turn off fans, close and secure windows in rooms where Sunday School is finished. Always test that a window is locked – sometimes they are tricky to latch. Leave basement washroom fans on.

During the Worship Service

22. One Usher remains in the lobby at all times, to ensure building safety (e.g., late-comers wear masks, check-in and find appropriate seats) and building security (e.g., no one coming in to steal from office).

23. Double-check that everyone in the sanctuary has checked in.

After the Worship Service

24. Hymnals will stay at the seats.

25. Close the sanctuary doors.

Before Leaving  

Use the Building Closure Checklist to make sure nothing is missed. Put a mark in the blue box beside each item as you go through the building. Be sure to check all 4 floors. Leave the completed checklist on the Administrator’s desk.

NOTE!! All windows must be closed and latched. The windows have 2 latches that need to be pressed down. Make sure the latches catch and secure the window (rather than just pushing the window away). Some of our larger windows need to be pushed apart for the latches to catch, which can be tricky. If you find a window too difficult, tell Jay.

All 4 doors must be locked. There are fire escape doors in the NW corner and SW corners of the building. For the main doors, use the alan keys attached to the door frames to lock the crash bars. The north door must be locked with key too.

If you don’t have a key and/or security code, or if you cannot stay until everyone else is out of the building, designate a person to lock & set the alarm. It is still your responsibility to complete the Building Closure Checklist and to make sure the person you designate to set the alarm, also knows how to secure any window or door that are open when you leave.

The Security System flashes numbers that indicate movement in the building and other security risks. Check the screen before you enter your code. If a number flashes on the security system, go find out why and fix the problem before you leave. There is a list on the wall below the screen that will tell you what the numbers mean.

Thank you for ushering as we go through another season of hybrid worship. We are incredibly grateful for your time and attention to detail, which gives the gift of in-person worship to TUMC.