Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings

Guidelines for In-Person Gatherings
(March 2022)

These guidelines are intended for use by leaders of children/youth events, small groups and others using the building on a casual basis during this period of Covid precautions. Although public health guidelines have eased, participation in any group gathering carries some risk of Covid-19 transmission, especially with the arrival of the Omicron variant. These guidelines are compiled with reference to Ontario and Toronto Public Health regulations.

Leaders, it is your responsibility to ensure that the room(s) to be used are as well-ventilated as possible, especially as many areas of the building do not have mechanical ventilation. Poor circulation increases the risk of transmission. Encourage participants to dress in warm layers during the winter months, to accommodate open windows.

Be aware that the best-ventilated areas are the lobby and the second-floor (new) meeting room; the worst are the basement and Sunday School classrooms. Generally larger rooms are preferable to smaller ones, to allow for social distancing and more air movement.

Open windows, and where possible place fans. The Ventilation Guidelines can assist you in knowing where to open windows, place fans in windows, hallways, etc., to optimize air flow through and out of the spaces being used. Follow the guidelines exactly and ensure that all windows are closed and LOCKED before you leave! (Please test that every window cannot be opened after you have latched it.)


  • 1. Vaccination: All participants are expected to be fully vaccinated (age 12+). Parents of children 5-12 are strongly encouraged to make sure their children are also vaccinated.
  • 2. Check in: Participants should sign in on our online check-in system before arriving at the building. (Or use the QR code or paper form at the Welcome Table to do so.) Participants experiencing any Covid-type symptoms or who have been in contact with someone experiencing such symptoms should stay home. (The check-in system generates an automatic contact-tracing list.)
  • 3. Masks: A mask (well-fitting over nose and mouth) must be worn by all participants for the entire time they are in the building, including during singing. Serving food is discouraged. If you do serve food, participants may remove their masks briefly to eat, but should maintain a two-metre distance while eating.
  • 4. Distancing: Keep a two-metre distance between participants from separate households.
  • 5. Washrooms: Use the downstairs washrooms if necessary, but encourage participants to enter one person at a time. Encourage children especially to wash their hands thoroughly.
  • 6. Any participant who experiences Covid symptoms within a week of attending a TUMC-related event should get tested immediately and inform the organizer/pastor/ in the case of a positive result. This is an important public health measure and an act of care for our community.