This Sunday

Sunday Sept. 22

Worship Theme: Many Hands

Traffic Alert: The intersection at Queen Street and Eastern Avenue / Kingston Road will be closed for TTC construction for a few months. Our block of Queen St. will not be accessible. The church parking lot will not be accessible.
On the bright side:
* The 92 Woodbine bus still reaches Queen from the subway.
* The 501 Queen bus should reach Queen & Woodbine, and the streetcar will reach Queen/Coxwell.
* If you’re able, you finally have an excuse to bike to church.
* Driving: You can reach Lark St., but only from Kingston Road or Winners Circle. You can reach Eastern Ave., but only from Coxwell.
** The large Green P lot on Eastern Ave. is still open.
** Small Green P lots are on side streets off of Queen, from TUMC east to Woodbine.
** Green P lots, and street parking spots, are free only until 1pm on Sundays. (It’s easier to pay with the Green P app).

9:50 Children’s Singing for S.K. to Grade 5

10:00 Christian Education for all ages, including adults

11:00 Worship Service
Worship Leader: Evan H.
Speaker: Aklilu Z.
Song Leader: Donny C.
Pianist: Ed H.
Ushers: Herb B; Craig H.
Scriptures: tba.

12:30 Fellowship
Coffee in the lobby, hosted by Pieter N. & Mauricio P.; two tba.

BYOB potluck and board games in the church basement (BeyondYouthOpportunities for Bonding)

From September 8 through the end of June: Worship service begins at 11:00 am.

From September 8, 2019 through June, 2020:
* Christian Education begins at 10:00 am;
* Worship Service begins at 11:00 am;
* Informal coffee and fellowship in the lobby at 12:30 pm.