Order of Service – June 19, 2022

Gathering Music
Welcome and Land Acknowledgement
Call to Worship
Hymn – VT 703 “Rain Down”
Children’s Singing – VT 43 “God, Be the Love”
Children’s Time – Recognize Sunday School Teachers – Lori Unger
Camper Blessing – Christina Reimer
Celebrating Milestones with Grads
Farewell to Cedric – Michele Rizoli
Giving with Gratitude
Hymn –VT 70 “Praise God”s
Congregational Prayer
Scripture: 1 Kings 19: 1-15a – Michele Rizoli
Sermon – Peter Haresnape
Hymn – VT 412 “My Soul Cries Out”
Sending Song – Children’s Singing – VT 847 “You Shall Go Out with Joy”
SS Picnic Instructions – Lori Unger

Listen to the service here.

Listen to the sermon here.

Read the sermon here.