Welcoming and Belonging #4

Worship Leader Luis Alberto Mata

Speaker  Pieter Niemeyer

Song Leader  Bob Loewen

Pianist  Lori Unger

Ushers: Ginny and Herb Buckwalter

Tech Team (In-Person / Online)  Alison Li/ Donny Cheung

Gathering Music

VT 43 – God be the Love

VT 582 – My Love Colors Outside the Lines


Call to Worship and Opening Prayer 

Land acknowledgement


VT 68 – Song-of-the-Month – Akekho ofana

Scripture Reading: Psalm 65 (Mauricio Palacio)

VT 56 – Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song

Congregational Sharing and Prayer 

VT 714 – Let there be Light

Giving with Gratitude

Children’s Time (Damaris Schmucker)

Scripture  John 14:23-29 (Herb Buckwalter)

Speaker: Peter Niemeyer

VT 847 – You Shall Go Out With Joy


Listen to service here.

Listen to sermon here.