Ending at the Beginning – by Marilyn Zehr – Sept 2, 2012

 View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon    Ending at the Beginning… beginning at the end Ecclesiastes 3:1, 9-15   This Sunday marks–      the end of the summer –      the end of our time with Jonathan and Maureen as our Pastors of Youth Ministries –      and the end of our series on Ecclesiastes   Endings are important and endings can be difficult.  But endings are also opportunities to step back and look at the big picture.  This morning, I will…

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St. Clair O'Connor Presentation – by Nicholas Dick & Otto Andres – June 3, 2012

See Archived Sermons Listen to this Presentation  SCOC Dream and Reality Introduction :          What’s the name of that song. . .                   “The times they are a changing. . .”          That seems to fit the story of St. Clair/O’Connor Community, also called SCOC.          There was a “dream”.   A dream of an intergenerational and senior’s facility to be sponsored jointly by Danforth and TUMC congregations. I do not have scripture to support our presentation since I believe Jesus’s ministry…

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