Looking in the Global Mirror – sermon by Tim Schmucker – Nov 18 2012

Looking in the Global Mirror November 18, 2012 Sermon by Tim Schmucker (last in the 7-part series “Looking in the Mirror”) Texts: Matthew 5:1-16, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 This is the 7th and last sermon in our fall series titles “Looking in the Mirror.” We’ve been through a lot, looking into the mirror, have we not? We’ve tried to see Christ in us here. We’ve certainly seen the many phony photoshopped body images in advertisements and media. And we’ve seen our…

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Looking in the Mirror – do we see Christ? – Marilyn Zehr – September 16, 2012

View Archived SermonsListen to this Sermon Proverbs 3: 1-8, Romans 6: 12-14   Good morning and welcome to our Fall theme – Looking in the Mirror. Every time I have mentioned the title of our fall theme to some one, the immediate initial reaction is nervousness.  We’re going to, “Look in the mirror?”  My sense is that we have this love/hate relationship with mirrors.  We do and we don’t want to see the image that is reflected back to us.…

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God of the Testaments – Part 2 by Marilyn Zehr – Jan. 15 2011

View Archived Files Listen to this Sermon    Deuteronomy 20:10-16 II Timothy 3:14-17   This morning is the second Sunday of a preaching series about the Bible – which seems an odd thing to say, because it’s safe to assume that our preaching is always based on the Bible or a text within the bible, but this series is more about what’s up with the Bible as a whole.  What’s it like?  How do we approach it?  How is it…

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