What time is it anyway? – by JD Penner – 1 July, 2012

See Archived Sermons  Listen to this Sermon   My newspaper carrier can never deliver my newspaper on time. It’s always late. It’s supposed to be delivered by 6:00 AM, but usually it doesn’t arrive until 6:45 AM at the earliest. On most days, I don’t mind, since I usually don’t leave the house before 7, but on the days when I leave earlier, I find it really annoying. It makes me angry. There – I’ve confessed my anger. I feel…

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Signing up for the parade: Seeking King Jesus – by Jeff Taylor – April 1, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon  Mark 10 & 11 What did I sign up for when I agreed to preach on Palm Sunday?! I confess: celebrating Palm Sunday always feels a little awkward to me, standing on this side of those events where we can plainly see what comes next.  Having heard so many times Jesus’ explanation of what must follow the parade, I can’t seem to wave the palm with any enthusiasm.  The whole event feels like…

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