A meditation on Security by Marilyn Zehr – Feb 12, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon Hosea 11:1-11, Leviticus 25, Luke 12:13-21 It’s RRSP season.  This is the time of year that your local bank will be trying to lure you in to try their most popular investment options.  I know about one bank that until tomorrow is offering 2 percent on a one year GIC for any new money. Now depending on your own experience you may have several different reactions to what I’ve just said. Our congregation,…

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A meditation on Security by Richard Ratzlaff – Feb 5, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon    1 Kings 5:13‑6:1 Some of you may remember when the first George Bush was running for election to be president of the US (that was in 1988). In one of the debates, Bush was asked by one of the moderators to state why he wanted to be president – what was his vision for the US? Bush replied: “I’m not very good at the vision thing.” Bush was able to make an…

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Rules and Flexibility by Jana Lepp – Feb 5, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon Do you consider yourself to be a rule-follower or a rule-breaker? Do you find comfort in the structure of guidelines or do you tend to question the status quo? It’s often a pendulum – we swing to one side or the other depending on the issue or the time in our life. Our community also swings as we try to find the balance between the structure of action items, policies and guidelines in…

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