Looking at the Mirror – Sermon by Marilyn Zehr – Oct. 21, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon – opening Listen to this Sermon – continuation  Sermon by Marilyn Zehr Looking at the Mirror  October 21, 2012  Texts: Psalm 15:1-5, James 1: 17-27   This morning’s sermon topic is as challenging as it is important.  Its importance is so great that I view what I say this morning as merely the beginning and hope that others will experience a call to take it from here. Our fall theme continues to be “Looking in the…

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The Righteous versus the Wicked: Exclusion and Boundaries – by Tim Schmucker – May 20, 2012

View Archived Sermons Listen to this Sermon    Revised Common Lectionary Readings: Psalm 1, John 17:6-19, 1 John 5:9-13 [Acts 1:15-26]   Walter Wink died a week and a half ago. He was a biblical scholar and theologian, and Professor of Biblical Interpretation [at Auburn Theological Seminary] in New York City. He was also an activist, an outspoken leader against the Vietnam war in the 60s, and then in the 80s, with his books banned in South Africa, he managed…

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