Our mission scattered: Seeking the good of all

Learning together from scripture

Building a sharing community

Growing in faith

Teaching peace

Working for a just & peaceful world

Welcoming all

Sharing the light of Christ

TUMC is a Christian community in the Mennonite-Anabaptist “peace church” tradition. We aspire to be a family of faith that welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and stories, worshipping together and supporting one another, while following Christ’s example in working for peace and justice in our urban context.

This Sunday (11 am from Sept. 13, 2020 through June, 2021)

Our building may be dark, but the Church never closes! During this challenging time of Covid-19 we are gathering virtually to worship, study and pray together. We remain the same lively, intergenerational and multicultural community as always through digital connections. We are dreaming together about how we can serve one another and the world in new and unexpected ways. You are very welcome to join us, whether you’re a regular attender at TUMC or not. 

To receive the Sunday morning Zoom worship URL link and benefit from spiritual encouragement, community news, and connection with others, ask to receive the weekly TUMC Connects. Just send us a quick email with ‘sign me up for TUMC Connects’ in the subject line and let us know a little about how you found us — are you already connected with TUMC, are you friends with someone who is, or are you looking for a church community? (A bit of information helps keep our online gatherings safe and welcoming.)

During the week: Covid-19 Guidelines

Small groups, youth and committees typically meet by Zoom. For those considering safe-distancing in-person summer gatherings, please check out:

  • TUMC Guidelines for Indoor Gatherings (link)
  • TUMC Guidelines for Outdoor Gatherings (link)
  • TUMC Contact Sheet, for the host to print and complete (link to PDF)
  • Toronto Public Health guidelines for screening participants (link)

TUMC invites people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, generations and abilities to full participation and inclusion. We are wheelchair-accessible and offer large-print hymnals and hearing assistance devices. We’re always glad to welcome newcomers. Whether you’re new to the city, visiting or simply curious, please feel free to check us out! For more, click the About Us tab. You can also follow us on Facebook.

A note of acknowledgment: Our congregation meets in territories of the Haudenosaunee, Wyandot and Michi Saugig Nations. As beneficiaries of a violent history of colonization, we recognize our responsibility to uphold treaty relationships and so seek to be guided by Indigenous truth-tellers toward restitution, restoration, and reconciliation. See a longer explanation & glossary here.