Building a sharing community

Working for a just & peaceful world

Learning together from scripture

Growing in faith

Nurturing kids & teens

Sharing the light of Christ

Welcome to TUMC, a Christian community in the Mennonite-Anabaptist “peace church” tradition. We aspire to be a family of faith  that welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and stories, worshipping together and supporting one another, while following Christ’s example in working for peace and justice in our urban context.

This Sunday

Pastor Michele Rizoli will be speaking this week, the fifth Sunday of Lent, at the 11 a.m. service. There’s no Sunday School this week owing to March Break, but the Easter Choir will be rehearsing, the Faith Exploration group meets in the pastor’s offices, and the ongoing study of Mark’s Passion story continues at On The Way Cafe, all at 10 a.m.  After worship, the first gathering of TUMC’s new Walking Group will begin on the second floor before heading out on a beach boardwalk/art installation stroll. This afternoon at 3 p.m. we will celebrate the ordination of Geoff Wichert in relation to his ongoing work in chaplaincy at the University of Toronto. A warm welcome to all!

TUMC is a friendly community that welcomes people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, generations and abilities. We are wheelchair-accessible and offer large-print hymnals and hearing assistance devices. We’re always glad to welcome newcomers. Whether you’re new to the city, visiting or simply curious, please feel free to check us out! For more information, check out the About Us tab.


VIdeo of the month

Mennonite Central Committee isn’t a church bureaucracy. It’s a relief, development and peacebuilding organization that extends our Anabaptist ethic of love, peace and service around the world. Here’s a little video that explains it all!

Lent at TUMC

Lent is a time of somber reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and its meaning for us two thousand years later. During Lent this year, our scripture passages reflect on the barrier between us and God and the “new covenant” Jesus spoke of. (Click on the photo above for a fuller explanation.) A Lenten Guided Prayer resource is available on the theme of “The Courage to Covenant”, inviting us to consider our relationship with God, one another, and all of creation. Through personal reflection and time spent with familiar scripture stories, we will give ourselves to the slow way of deep change. You may access the weekly prayer suggestions and scripture readings online in our Lenten Guided Resources page. Contact Pastor Michele if you’d like to be part of a small prayer group during this period. More details to come on our Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter services.

Faith Exploration

A new Faith Exploration discussion group, led by Pastor Michele Rizoli, begins Jan. 28. Wanting to ask questions of faith in a safe, supportive context? Thinking about becoming a member at TUMC through baptism, transfer of membership, or upon confession of your faith? This is a freewheeling, no-obligation group that will meet in Room 108 (Pastors’ Meeting Room, on the main floor) Sundays at 10, and will focus on the questions and concerns of participants. For more information, contact Michele.

Building Peace in the Philippines

On March 25, we’ll enjoy a visit from Joji Pantoja, half of a Canadian/Filipino Mennonite couple whom we at TUMC support financially through the Mennonite Church Canada Witness program. Joji and her husband Dann have a passion for growing a culture of peace and reconciliation in the Philippines. Based in Davao, a city in the southern island of Mindanao, the Pantojas have founded PeaceBuilders Community to train leaders and to establish Peace and Reconciliation (PAR) teams. Peacebuilders Community has a vision to establish PAR teams in each of the 80 provinces of the Philippines by the year 2020! This is an ambitious vision to transform the Philippines from its current context, into one that is governed by a culture of peacebuilding. Peacebuilders Community works closely with Christian church leaders, particularly through the Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches. Joji wll be speaking in the morning service as well as at On the Way Cafe. You won’t want to miss hearing their remarkable story!