Senior Youth

youth groupExploring faith and values

High school years are an incredible time to explore individual values, world knowledge, and a personal understanding of faith. TUMC’s Youth, also known as TUMY (Toronto United Mennonite Youth), meets weekly during Sunday School to explore questions of faith, to continue learning about Scripture, and to apply these ancient stories to the world around them.

The Youth room’s comfy couches offer a great place for reflection, discussion and debate. There is an open invitation for our Youth to be baptized, and we offer a strong support system to walk with each person on this journey.

TUMY also meets on the third Friday of each month, usually at TUMC, and has occasional events at other times, off-site. These events include opportunities to serve, to meet youth from other churches, to develop relationships and to have fun. Past TUMY events have included volunteering at fundraisers, movie and games nights, progressive suppers, coffee houses, attending the MC Canada Youth Assembly and Peace-It-Together at Canadian Mennonite University, and annual events such as winter retreat and summer camping trip. Next summer, the youth plan to attend Mennonite World Conference in Pennsylvania.

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