TUMC is a Christian community in the Mennonite-Anabaptist "peace church" tradition. We aspire to be a family of faith  that welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and stories, worshipping together and supporting one another, while following Christ's example in working for peace and justice in our urban context.
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Upcoming Events
Wed Sep 02 @18:30 -
Sun Sep 06 @10:30 - 11:45AM
Worship Service at 10:30am
Sat Sep 12 @17:30 -
CornFest for GERMS and everyone
Sat Sep 12 @20:00 -
TUMY Sleepover


There are many gifts, but the same Spirit
There are many works, but the same God
And the Spirit gives each as it chooses
Praise the Lord, Praise God.

Now one has the gift of wisdom,
another a calling to speak
One the ability to comfort,
another the calling to teach

A body has many members, yet all work in unity
The church is the body of Christ,
the arms, ears and eyes, hands and feet.

Not all are called to be prophets,
and not all are called to preach.
But  all should aim for the best gifts
and love is the greatest of these.

(I Co 12, adapted by Patricia Shelly)

This season, even as our lead pastor, Marilyn Zehr, is on sabbatical, the life of our church continues and we would love to have you join us!
Michele Rae Rizoli, Associate Pastor

This Sunday

It's summer!  TUMC is now on a seasonal schedule, with services beginning a bit earlier, at 10:30 a.m., to allow time for enjoying summer activities afterward. (If you're new to TUMC, may we suggest a picnic at the beach, just a short stroll from the church, or a walk on the boardwalk?) There is no Christian Education hour.


Read about TUMC's newest project in Canadian Mennonite magazine.

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